1.2 was a big update so, please report the bugs. This game is nearing it's final update  so I want it to be as bug free as possible!

Thanks to all of you who still play this game! For you new players, I hope you enjoy! For all you regulars out there, I'm glad you've stuck around and are still enjoying. Have fun making levels!

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There's a bug where You cannot change anything with speed, or Background, Type, Cursor. Or any controls on the bottom. You can only place and delete objects. Also I can't get out of it.

Here's an idea:Could you try making moving coins? That would the game better and challenging.

Can you add rotating enemys?

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Can you add an auto connect for walls? i'm tired of selecting the right types for the walls.

Edit: And add the abiliy to undo and redo.

Can you please add visible cursor? So i can see where i am placing the blocks. Also, Amazing Work!

Will do thanks for the feedback! I’ll replace the hide UI button with a hide cursor button. Hide UI is useless...

Thank you!

Just updated the game with the new cursor :)



i cant {}[] ingame

Is it all the time? or when you select a specific item

There is a bug in there is an infinitely long erase object that i cant get out of

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i mean as long as you dont click out of it

Are you using a laptop? I had the same problem, it goes away if you use a mouse



Can you add a feature to change what keys to press. No offense but you need three arms to work with these controls!

The controls should be less all over the place now :)

will you make something where you can change the music between world's hardest game 1, world's hardest game 3 and world's hardest game 4 game music?

I couldn't find the download :(

sad :c

ideas for alpha or pre alpha add a time exemple

put time hereexemple 1
___put time here

ideas 2 add for create many level at the same time

Yes, I was thinking about a timer! It would work by counting how many times a dot touches the counter, once it touches the counter enough times, it would change layers. This would allow good new gameplay expirences. And for multiple levels, that would probably take much longer because it would require me to rewrite a lot of code.

Thanks for sticking around! :)
I try to get around to fixing this game as much as I can!

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it good

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Edit: The vertical start appears as the horizontal start.

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Sorry, didn't see the edit sooner. Yes I'll fix that right away :)

Edit:  Umm... well, I have no idea why I cannot replicate the bug, but if I find it I will patch it!


make it so that you can direct which key opens which door
and make it when you die all doors and keys reset


when you die some doors and keys and coins might reset or not

As far as I can remember, I have fixed the coin and key glitch. And about the keys, you can already do that. If the key and door are on the same layer, they will only open the doors on that layer.

Thank you for your feedback :)